About Us

New Anoiting Church Emmanuel is a ministry of Church of God of Prophecy the Netherlands. Our goals are to preach the gospel conform Gods word, the Bible, to serve and help the whole Dutch community; especialy those that are more vulnerable.

Our core values are: Pray, Harvest, Leadership development, Stewardship and Love. 

New Anointing Church Emmanuel was founded by the late pastor Yvonne Beers – Tokaay. She pastor the church for many years training her grandson, Churendel Nivillac, who is the current pastor. In 2008 the church joined the ministry of Church of God of Prophecy NL with two other churches (House of Bread NL, and Changing Life Ministries).  In februari 2011 the local churches merged in New Anointing Church Emmanuel – COGOP NL. 

Pastor Churendel & Pastor Carolyn Nivillac

Pastor Churendel and pastor Carolyn Nivillac are pastors of The New Anointing Church Emmanuel in Hoogvliet – Rotterdam. They are working to expand Gods Kingdom in Holland and in gaining souls to the vine of the Lord.